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Divine Bank

Open your account with the Divine Bank which receives deposits and maintains your accounts in strict confidence. Every little transaction - a good deed, noble thought, or a kind word is accurately credited and accounted for. The bank also keeps a record of your debits – indifferent, bad or unkind thought, word or deed. Also this Divine Banker truly cares for your feelings and consciously whispers warnings from the heart when you overdraw your limits, when truth and right conduct are infringed. It also warns you without fail when your desires enslave you or when your wealth is unchecked. No one can sue you for the deposits you make in this Bank. No tax-man can take away your earnings, nor can any crook lay his hands on your property in this Bank. Come, open your deposits with the Divine Banker and grow in prosperity, here and hereafter.
- Divine Discourse, July 14, 1966.

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