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Rural Community Centre Kerelly Village- Ranga Reddy Dt

National Vice-President (South Zone) of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation,India Sri N.Ramani has paid a visit to RCC, Kerelly on 26th Aug 2012 and was accompanied by State President Sri S G Chalam.

All India Vice-President (South Zone) of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, India-Sri N Ramani has paid a visit to Rural Community Centre, Kerelly on 26th Aug 2012 accompanied by State President Sri S G Chalam and RR dt office bearers, and he appreciated the organisers for their selfless and dedicated services to poor people.

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An ideal Rural Community Centre (RCC) has been established in 2001 at Kerelly village of Ranga Reddy district of AP State (it is 2 hours drive from Hyderabad city towards Tandoor) and the centre has been doing excellant service to Kerelly and surrounding villages in various ways. What Swami wanted the Organisation to do, that exactly has been done and has been doing at Kerelly. Now after almost 10 years of continued and dedicated service at RCC, village boys who joined as Bala Vikas students in the beginning have turned out to be the role models not only to the District but to entire State. The boys' character has been molded perfectly to the teachings of beloved Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Today they are occupying good positions in society and helping other youth to come up in life by holding free tutions and other sort of helps. De-Fluorination Plant set up at the centre is providing pure drinking water to the villagers. One must see this centre as it stands a role model to entire India. It must be appreciated that behind this great achievement there is a noble thinking and constant supervision by old school of sevadal who have immense faith and trust in Bhagawan's love and they in fact did all these for HIS love and blessings. Readers of this page must visit the centre and think what best you can do to our Nation in the way others have done. Let our life be useful to society!!

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