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Sadhana Camp-Vanasthalipuram




Pranamams to the Lotus Feet of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Taking the inspiration of the instructions given by our State President in his Circular No. 72, dt. 3.11.12, and the encouragement from the members of Vanasthalipuram Samithi, the second Sadhana Camp was conducted at Sri Sathya Sai Prema Seva Sadanam, Vanasthalipuram on 25.8.2013.

The Sadhana Camp has started with 3 times Omkaram, Jyothi Prajwalana by Sri Sampath Kumar, and    Sri G. Bhaskara Rao, State Coordinator, Mobile Health Services.

Sri T. V. Subrahmanyam, Convenor, Vanasthalipuram Samithi has introduced the speakers and their topics. Sri K. Venkateswara Rao, District Coordinator, Sadhana Camps has spoken on the importance of Sadhana Camps.

Sri K.V. Krishna Rao, Spiritual Coordinator spoke on SSSSO, its inception, aims and objectives, members qualifications duly mentioning swamy’s teachings. Smt. Ch. Sandhya Sri, M.D. Ph.D, has spoken on the 4th, 5th and sixth codes of conduct of the organization. She also narrated the importance of attending in group devotional programs, service activities conducted by the organization and regular study of Sai literature.

Sri M.V.R. Sesha Sai, District President, Hyderabad stressed the need of conducting Sadhana Camps regularly in all Samithis in the District and expressed happiness the way the Sadhana Camp is being conducted at Vanasthalipuram.

Sri Nadella Ramakrishna, another Alumni, SSSIHL, PN spoken on the ten commandments of the Organisation. He enlightened the 4th, 5th and sixth commandments in detailed. The next speaker is Sri Sathya Sai Balaji, who has spoken on Avathara Vani. He has spoken on the purpose of Swamy’s Avatar and what Swamy is expecting from us.

Sri K. Sriram Kumar, Allumni, SSSIHL, PN, spoken on the role of youth in the organization. He also explained Swamy’s expectations on youth through audio visuals. Smt. E. Ramamani, Alumini, Anantapur Campus, explained the role of Balavikas in the organization in brief duly narrating Swamy’s teachings on Balavikas.

Sri Mudunuri Vidyasekhar, gave a spiritual lecture on Swamy, his Avatar and Mission. He narrated the role of sevadal in the organization. He also stressed and emphasized the need to read the SWAMY’s literature in general and “SATHYAM SIVAM SUNDARAM” in particular and put it into practice, what SWAMY VARU preached and practiced by all of us during his AVATARIC MISSION. He has cited many examples of the Divinity of SWAMY VARU.  

All members of the organization have written one of their bad habits in a chit and burn it before Swamy with a oath that they should not commit it again in their life span and taken a chit wherein one of the Swamy’s teachings written which is to be followed. This is called Visarjana and Samuparjana. This was done by all gents, mahilas and youth members of Samithi.

The report is placed at the LOTUS FEET OF BHAGAVAN SRI SATHYA SAI BABA, for HIS GRACE and making this camp as grand success.


-Report by G Bhaskar Rao, Vanasthalipuram

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