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88th Birthday Nithya Bhajans in Ananthapuram

As a part of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s 88th Birthday Celebrations the SSSS Samithi, Ananthapuramu and SSSS Bhajana Mandali, Old Town, Ananthapuramu started 88 days Deekshalu in Ananthapuramu town. The morning sadhana started with Omkaram, Om Sri Sairam Nama Japam, Jyothi Dhyanam, Suprabhatham and Nagara Sankirthana.

In the evenings, bhajans were held in Sai Devotees Residences from 6 PM to 7PM. On Fridays, Lalitha Sahasranama Parayana and Sri Vishnusahasranama Parayana on Saturdays were chanted prior to bhajans. 

The 88 Day Bhajans started on 9th August 2013 and concluded on 8th November 2013 at the residence of Sri Meda Subramanyam, a long time Swamy devotee. Prof. K. Anil Kumar, was invited to speak about Swamy on the concluding day i.e. 8th November 2013. He spoke about several direct experiences and practical lessons he learnt from Swamy. Speaking about his experiences as translator, he said how difficult it was to translate some tough poetry of Swamy and how Swamy Himself while giving discourse listened to him simultaneously if he is translating properly. For example when he was using the word conscience, Swamy would correct him and in a particular discourse Swamy wanted him to replace the word conscience with the phrase “constant integrated awareness”. Prof. Anil Kumar said Anantapur devotees are indeed very fortunate to have close proximity to Avatar Himself.

Giving another example Prof. Anil Kumar said how easily Swamy explained even complex spiritual aspects such as gross (sthula), subtle (sukshma) and causal (causal) body, taking tamarind fruit as an example. In the tamarind fruit, the outer hard shell (is gross body, sthula), the middle soft pulp (is subtle body, sukshma), and the inner hard stone like seed (is causal body, karana).

Later Mangala harathi was offered to Swamy. Maha prasadam was offered to all the devotees.

Office Bearers, Sevadal Coordinators, Devotees participated in this programme.

Report: G Dhanunjaya. Coordinator - Archives, Ananthapur dist. Mobile no: 94403 84107.

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