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92 Bhajan Mala at Shivam in Hyderabad by BalaVikas Children- 17/09/2017


It is a moment of joy and celebration when we actually notice that our beloved Bhagawan’s Birthday is not so far. To develop the auspicious aura and spread the vibrations of a divine incarnation, we start the celebration with many programmes.Magnificent, wonderful and splendid vibrations in Sivam, the abode of our beloved Swami, on 17th Sept 2017 of 92 Bhajans. All our 198 Balvikas children rendered all the bhajans in mellifluous voices

Small children were united under one roof to sing the glory of the lord. They sang Bhajans in such an amazing manner that Swami blessed them continuously with flower showerings from the photo . They sang 92 Bhajans at a stretch. We could feel Swami's presence there. All 53 Gurus have been a great support throughout for the marvellous event and successfully trained the children in various Bhajans.

Of course more than 92 Naivedyams were  offered to our Swami and it was a blessing. We are proud of all our Balvikas children for preparing the different Naivedyams to Swami with the help of their parents, Grandparents and Gurus.Tulasi plant was given to every Child and Guru who participated in the program and was asked to water the plant with love, care, chanting Sai Gayathri Mantra.Congratulations to all the Children, Parents and Gurus.Jai Sairam

Come just one step forward, I shall take a hundred towards you. Shed one tear, I shall wipe a hundred from your eyes.

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Offered Swamy 92 Bajans 92 Naivedyam 92 Deepalu

SHIVAM 20170917 8

All participated childerns with Tulasi plant

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