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Avatar Declaration Day Celebrations - Gachibowli and Manikonda Samithis

20th October every year is celebrated as the Avatar Declaration Day. It is on this historically significant day in the year 1940 that the young lad Sathyanarayana Raju revealed to the world His Divine identity and the glorious mission on which He has come. The following lines capture the events on that epochal day

Sathyanarayana started for school as usual. However, within a few minutes, He returned to the house. Standing on the outer doorstep, He cast aside the books He was carrying and called out, “I am no longer your Sathya. I am Sai.” The sister-in-law came from the kitchen, only to be blinded by the splendour of the halo around Baba's head! He addressed her, “I am going; I don't belong to you; Maya (delusion) has gone; My Bhaktas (devotees) are calling Me; I have My Work; I can't stay here any longer." When the brother hurried home on hearing all this, Baba only told him, "Give up all your efforts to 'cure' Me. I am Sai; I do not consider Myself related to you".

In spite of repeated pleas, Sathya would not step into that building again. He moved in into the garden of the Excise Inspector Sri Anjaneyulu's bungalow, and sat on a rock in the midst of the trees. People came into the garden from all directions bringing flowers, fruits, incense and camphor to worship Him. The garden resonated with the voices of hundreds singing bhajans (devotional singing) and following the lines of the first prayer that Sri Sathya Sai taught them.

“Manasa Bhajare Gurucharanam Dusthara Bhava Sagara Tharanam “

(O Mind! Meditate on the Feet of the Guru, which will take you across the wearisome sea of Samsara or worldly existence.) To celebrate this landmark event in Baba’s life, the Avatar Declaration Day is celebrated every year with devotion and gratitude.

75 Avatar Declaration Day was celebrated at open ground near govt primary school Manikonda it was well decorated with flowers erected Tents. This was carried by the Gachibowil and Manikonda Samaithies. As 19th Being mahilas day the programme was started with lalitha parayana, Asthora namavali, and swamy's paduka puja & followed by bhajans. Students of balavikas and govt school enacted cultural programmes. A Spiritual talk by Dr B.c.Ramanna during the talk he narrated how swmay by sprinkling the flowers has formed in telugu"NENNU SAI BABANU" and also he narrated about how "Bhagwan' incarnation to the earth". Followed by speech by Sri Srinivas garu the seceratary of govt primary school. A Video show was shown to all the devotees who assembled there were organized by Sri C.V.Rathna Garu. ended by Harathi at 8.30 PM this was performed by shusheela garu Dist spritautal incharrge. . DAY TWO: 20-10-2014 Nagarsankeerthna was conducted by the both samithies at their samithies. Manikonda samithi: Monikonda conducted Nagara sankeerthan from panchavathi colony . Being ending of 89th Day birth day celebrations 89 Bhanajas started 2.30 PM and ended at 8.PM followed by Harathi. Gachibowli samithi: Gachibowli samithi also conducted Nagarsankeethan from GRPA enclave and conducted Evening Bhajans at mandir. Harash vardhan reedy Youth Co ordinator of the samithi delivered the sppech about importance of Gurus importance and other related topics of swamy. Ended by harathi to bhagawan Reported By:

M.Somasundaram, DAI, SSSSO, Ranga Reddy district. – 9391385738


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