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BAL VIKAS Parenting Palasa 26.1.2014

                                           AUM  SRI  SAI  RAM                                                

With the deviine blessings of Bhagavan Babavaru BSSSSS/PALASA has organised a BV Parenting programme on 26.01.2014 Sunday. 51 Parents  and 83 BV children have been participated in the meet. Smt. P .Sudha Rani  Dist BV I/c took the lead and explained the role of parents in the present day to day life of children. Dr.T.BalaKrishna M.S.(ortho) a  local prominent surgeon and an old student of BV narrated the  proportioanl,,valuable relatiooon between the BV Child, the Parent and the BVGuru bydrawing  the picture of a traingle and inspired the gathering. Palasa Zonal Convener Sri Bairage master and odther faculty members also addressed the parents.. The local BV units of SMARTS SCHOOL and  Metturu children staged an english playlet and Lavakusa nrutyam. Palasa BVstudents  chanted  vedam and Convener Mr.M.Rameswar rao welcomed the dist office beares and the parents .                                                                              DSCN6979DSCN6985DSCN6994DSCN7006Report by  TSN Murty Dist I/c 9441152473

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