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Bhagawan’s 90th Birthday & other celebrations at Cheekatimani palli Samithi

Bhagawan’s 90th Birthday & other celebrations at Cheekatimanipalli Samithi
With the divine Blessings of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Swami’s 90th birthday and other celebrations were performed on 9th Dec 2015, at Sai Pranathi Mandir, Cheekatamani palli, amid Love and Devotion.
The celebrations include the 6th anniversary of Sai Pranathi mandir and opening of Tailoring centre to offer free training.
Sri C. Rommel, a long time Swami’s devotee, inaugurated the programme and shared Swami’s messages to be followed by us. He stressed to focus more on Balvikas. Smt Vasumati Devi, State Mahila Service Coordinator, SSSSO, AP & TS inaugurated the Tailoring centre. She shared and inspired all participants with her valuable experiences with Swami. She explained various service activities that can be done at Samithi /BM / Prashanthi Nilayam levels.
Dr. C K Reddy, HOD Radiology, SSSIHMS, Prashanthigram stressed the need of good behaviour, healthy habits and spiritual discipline. Sri Viswanatha Reddy, Dist. sevadal incharge shared his exciting service experiences in Anantapur district and Prashanthi Nilayam. Smt. Kiran, Dist. mahila service incharge presented the samithi annual report.
On this occasion, due to Swami’s blessings 100 bedsheets ,dhotis and sarees could be distributed to the needy. About 200 devotees participated in this divine celebrations. Samithi, BM incharges, zonal incharges, dist. incharges, Active Sevadal Members participated this programme enthusiastically.
The celebrations concluded with the Harathi to our beloved Bhagawan.
Report: Smt. Kiran, Dist. Mahila Service Incharge. Anantapur dist.
 1 Smt Vasumati Devi inaugurating the Tailoring centre 
Smt Vasumati Devi interacting with the benefeciairies
Slide3The audience
 Sri C Rommel garu, Indian Foreign Service retd, felicitating the devotee



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