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Bhagawan has always stressed on the importance of respecting our parents and showing our gratitude to them. He puts on the word "parent" and calls it as "pay rent". That is we need to pay our rent in the form of gratitude to our parents to whom we owe our very existence.

Bhagawan himself once conducted BHEEMA RATHA SHANTHI MAHOTSAVAM to elderly couple on 10th February-2005 to show the importance of respecting parents.

With the divine inspiration from our beloved bhagawan, SSSSO-Krishna Dist. had organizedBHEEMA RATHA SHANTHI MAHOTSAVAMto the 81 elderly couples of the organization where the selection of each couple was done on the criteria.

1) Age factor must be 70 years and above.

2) Also rendering in various services activities in the organization from one or two decades. Venue being TTD Kalyana Mandapam on 09.02.17 from 08.30AM.

What is Bheema Ratha Shanthi?

Bheema Ratha Shanthi can be celebrated to mark the successful completion of above 70th anniversary of couples. This age is of great importance as by this time one has fulfilled his commitment towards home, family, and seeking their blessings during those occasions is auspicious.

It is only after 70 years that the mental faculties and Atmic strength express themselves in full measure. Prior to that, they also behave like other human beings. They will not specially strive to set an example to others. The mental faculties, divine force and the will power in a person will manifest fully after 70 years and prompt him to set a new goal in life. As a result, such elderly persons will be contemplating upon and exploring the secrets of life.

This ceremony is performed by doing different homam like Ayushya homam, Mrityunjaya homam, Navagraha homam So that the couple have a happy and healthy life ahead.

Moreover a pair of new clothes, traditional items for marriage, Sacred Mangalasutra and other essential items required for this ritual is arranged by the organization. With Ganapathi pooja the ritual initiated and went on with Ayushya homam, Mrityunjaya homam, Navagraha homam and sacred Gopooja. Maha purnahuthi and Mangala harathi to bhagawan marked the conclusion to this sacred event at around 12.30PM. As a token of gratitude a special memento incorporated with Bhagawan’s photograph and couples photograph is presented to all the 81 couples at the end of the event. Later Delicious Prasadam of bhagawan was distributed to all the devotees present. Elderly couple, there family members, sevadal and all the devotees expressed their utmost gratitude for bhagawan and thanked for his infinite love on them. SSSSO-Krishna DT expressed its extreme thankfulness to bhagawan for providing such a golden opportunity.






-Report by Sai Krishna,DAI,Krishna DT.

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