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Concluding Ceremony of 91 days Paduka Mahotsavam by SAINAGAR BM

Develop love for God. Don't give up your devotion to God even if others ridicule you on that account. Don't lose faith in Him when you are in difficulties. Consider everything - pain and pleasure, loss and gain, joy and sorrow - as God's Prasad (divine gift of grace). Don't forget to chant His Name under any circumstances. God's Name is the only reliable boat to ferry you across the river of life. Baba

On the occasion of 91st Birthday celebrations of Bhagawan Baba, Sri Sathya Sai Bhajana Mandali, Sainagar, Thotapalem under affiliation to OM Mandir, Vizianagaram has conducted the CONCLUDING CEREMONY of 91 days PADUKA MAHOTSAVAM along with 91 seva activities in OM Mandir on 13-10-2016 from 10 am to 1 pm.  About 90 Mahila devotees of the Bhajan Mandali have attended the function.  The concluding ceremony started with Omkaram, reciting Gayatri Mantram, Veda Gayatri for 21 times, SAI Gayatri for 11 times, Purusha Suktham, SRI Suktham, performed SWAMY Astothara Puja, Lakshmi Devi Asthothara Puja after which Nama Sankeertan for 45 minutes was also performed.  Smt G Kamala, Sri G Sanyasi Naidu and Sri Venkata Rao have spoken on the occasion.  The Mahila devotees were appreciated for their sincere devotion and service activities. At the end, two Mahila devotees were felicitated for imparting Veda to devotees and conducting free tuition classes to children and making arrangement for all these 91 days.  The Bhajan Mandali took a strong vow before Bhagawan to undertake 91 service activities and to be accomplished before Birthday of Bhagawan.  Out of 91 seva activities, 55 different service activities were completed by putting more efforts by Mahila devotees.  A few are described in a brief manner. 

The SAINAGAR Bhajan Mandali has performed/undertaken the following seva activities.

  1. 10th class and Inter student were awarded Rs.2000/- towards their term fees. This will be continued in future also.
  2. DJP children were given with 1 month groceries.
  3. About 100 poor narayans in Thotapalem were distributed old clothes.
  4. Premises of 3 Temples were cleaned.
  5. Raksha Bandan festival was celebrated with Slum area children.
  6. Sixty note books were distributed to 30 students at old bus stand area school.
  7. 100 Balvikas syllabus books were supplied to Balvikas Gurus.
  8. Amrut Kalasams were distributed to 3 Mahila Narayans.
  9. 15 Bedsheets distributed to poor mahila narayans.
  10. 10 Umbrellas also distributed to narayans.
  11. Plantation of saplings was undertaken.
  12. Teaching YOGA to Balvikas children.
  13. Balvikas Gurus were felicitated.

14. The system of puja, how to perform, reciting Sree Suktham and Purusha Suktham, how to read Bhagawat Geeta was taught to Mahila devotees.

  1. Services provided at Krishna Pushkar Ghats
  2. Daily poor feeding to 2 Narayans.
  3. Stationery items were distributed to Elementary school children.
  4. SAI protein food distributed to small children.
  5. Conducted Bhajans at 3 templesin Vizianagaram.
  6. Spiritual discourses were arranged for the devotees.

New cloth bags were distributed to public to avoid the using of plastic carry bags.

  1. Daily usable and required items distributed in destitute home.
  2. 75 Planks distributed to students of Jonnaguddi village school.
  3. Laksha namarchana, Bhajans at slum areas conducted.
  4. Saris to poor mahila narayans were distributed.
  5. Public Bhajans performed.
  6. One poor Mahila was taken to SHIRIDI for darshan.
  7. Old Mahila devotees were felicitated.
  8. 5 DJP students were supplied with sports material.
  9. 4 Teachers were felicitated.
  10. Veda Pundits were also felicitated.
  11. Quiz competitions were conducted to Balvikas children.
  12. Blood Grouping Camp was was conducted.
  13. Free Veterinary Medical camp conducted. 465 animals treated.
  14. Food packets distributed to pilgrims of Krishna Pushkar.
  15. Chalivendram was run by the Bhajan Mandali.
  16. Laksha Sai Gatri puja performed.
  17. Food items supplied to Christian Destitute homes.
  18. SEEMANTAM conducted to pregnant women

Distributed small earthen Ganesh idols to Balvikas children and public.

  1. Free tuitions to children are being conducted.
  2. Dussehera Devi Navaratri Puja by Balvikas children performed.
  3. Laksha Kumkum archana performed.  

The function was concluded with offering 91 varieties of Prasadams to SWAMY and offered Divya Mangala Harathi.

Reported by:- Ch Surya Rao, Dist. Archives i/c. M-9490885577

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