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Dist. Review Meeting with all Conveners of Samithi and Bhajana Mandali of Zone-I & II

With divine blessings of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organization, Vizianagaram District has conducted DISTRICT REVIEW MEETING with the Samithi and Bhajan Mandali Conveners of Zone-I & II to take the stock of situation regarding seva activities and to interact more and more with the Conveners of Bhajan Mandalis in particular on 25-09-2016 (Sunday) from 10 am to 2.30 pm at OM Mandir. The Conveners and Office bearers pertain to 103 units have attended the Meeting.

The Meeting started with Jyoti Prajwalana and garlanding SWAMY Vigraham and portraits at sharp 10 am. At the outset, the District President Sri CD Rama Mohana Rao invited all the representatives of the Samithis and Bhajan Mandalis.  He said, we should not be just like devotees and we must follow the rules and regulations of the Organization and stressed the need to observe the Time Management in our activities.  He opined that there will be a much scope to serve the people in the villages if the Conveners of Bhajan Mandalis are active. It is everybody’s responsibility to think, whether the organizational requirements are fulfilled, if not, how to go further and develop and if necessary the District office bearers will talk to them and advise them properly for undertaking all activities of the organization.

The District President invited all the Conveners, one by one, to speak and express their problems if any along with the activities that are being done at their levels. If there is any lacuna, it can be enlightened invariably. The Conveners of OM Mandir, VUDA Colony, Pradeep Nagar, Bhogapuram, Kothavalasa, Gajapatinagaram, S Kota, Gangubudi, Kovvadapeta, Denkada and Bhajana Mandali Conveners of Bhanadi, Mentada, Penta Sreeramapuram, Munjeru, Rellivalasa, Jami, Jonnavalasa, Amarayavalasa, Dabbirajupeta, B C Colony, V T Agraharam, Sainagar, Jaddetivalasa, KL Puram, Veerabhadrapeta, Gajularega, Thummikapalli and Budatanapalli.  They have explained about their activities and some are not aware of what a Study Circle is?  From VUDA Samithi, the Sevadal Coordinator suggested that if SAI literature is provided at Samithis, many new comers will definitely come to the path of spirituality and also wanted to implement, if possible, to allow Balvikas students to participate in singing Bhajans on every Thursday and Sunday.  Also there was a suggestion from other Conveners of Bhajan Mandalis that District Office bearers should visit them, educate them and encourage them for improving the activities.

Sri S Papi Naidu, District Education Coordinator addressed the Conveners and made them listen to the audio clip, a call given by our Hon’ble All India President Sri Nimish Pandya regarding conducting 19 days seva program ‘SWATCHATA SE DIVYATA TAK’ from 2-10-16 to 20-10-2016. All the Conveners were asked to conduct the program accordingly.  He said that all Balvikas students, Gurus, Devotees and Sevadal must participate in this auspicious program.  While reciting, OM TATSAT, start cleaning in the morning at all Samithi and Bhajan Mandali levels as it is Nation-wide cleanliness Initiative.  The importance of the program was succinctly explained to all the participants.  He further said that all the volunteers should be divided into groups and each group should go to particular point and do seva.  He wished that the parents of Balvikas students will also play their role in this program.  He has also told that 642 Group-1 Balvikas students were awarded with certificates and 60 Group-III students are going to Puttaparthi for attending the Convocation in Jan.17.  Balvikas students have been assigned 60 topics to undertake project work which is in progress.  He also requested the Convener to open Balvikas centers at Slum areas and to supply SAI protein food to the children in the villages.

Sri M Satya Rao, District Spiritual Coordinator has also spoken on the occasion. He requested all the Conveners to conduct Sathya Sai Vratams, Bheema Ratha Shanti for 70 years and above devotees, conduct sadhana camps to develop spiritually and during the Dasahara Navaratra Utsavams, he asked to conduct 10 seva activities from 1st day to 10th (DASAMI Day) such as Antenatal care, Service to children in Anganwadi, Nutrition of Adolescent girls, service to widows, marriages to orphan girls, service to house wives who don’t get support from their husbands, distribution of Amrut Kalasams and narayana seva, Aksharabhyasam, visit old age homes, service to helpless and perform SAI Vybhava Laxmi Kumkum Archana etc.

Sri M Satyanarayana, District Sevadal Coordinaator explained the importance of seva and insisted them to attend seva at Prashanti during JAN, APR and NOV months.

While concluding the session, the District President took all the deliberations in to account and he said that those points suggested in the meeting will definitely be contemplated and put into practice. He further told that whenever zone-wise meeting is conducted, all office bearers (1+8) must attend.  There is no difference in Swamy’seva.  He insisted all the Conveners to maintain accounts properly and issue receipts for any amount received by the units.  He announced that Medical Van is shortly coming to our District after inauguration at Prashanti Nilayam before SWAMY.  He concluded with a prayer to Baba to bless every one of us and give strength to carry out the seva activities in future.  The meeting is concluded with offering Divya Mangala Harati to Bhagawan Baba.

Reported by:- Ch Surya Rao, Dist. Archives Coordinator. M-9490885577

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