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District Review Meeting (18-12-16) with all Conveners

With divine blessings of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, on 18th Dec. 16, a DISTRICT REVIEW MEETING with its Office bearers and all Samithi Conveners in the District was conducted in OM Mandir from 9.30 am to 2.30 pm under the Chairmanship of our District President of the organization Sri CD Rama Mohana Rao to review the activities of all Samithis during the last quarter of the year, 2016.  At the outset, the District President invited all the participants and explained the aim of conducting this review meeting.  He invited Sri M Satya Rao, Dist. Spiritual Coordinator to submit his report of activities during the quarter.  He explained that all the Samithis have celebrated Bhagawan’s Avatar Declaration day on 20-10-16.  It was appreciated that a gigantic Massive rally was conducted by Zone-II in which youth and sevadal participated in a large number.  He further said that 5 Sadhana Camps were conducted during the quarter.  Most of the Samithis have performed Samoohika Sri Sathya Sai Vratams also before 91st Birthday celebrations.  He requested all the Conveners to organize Nagar Sankeertan with candles on the upcoming Christmas Day.

Sri RVK Durga Prasad, Dist. Vedam Coordinator was invited to speak.  He explained the participants about the National Level VEDA TRAINING WORKSHOP – TRAIN THE TRAINER at Prashanti Nilayam which was held on 19th and 20th Nov. 16 in which he attended and received the training.  He said that the VEDA training was intended to teach the participants to practical skills and techniques of teaching of VEDA chanting. 202 Balvikas Gurus attended the workshop out of which 27 were exclusively from Telugu States.  Sri M Chandrasekhar and Mr. Vedanarayana, Swamy student have imparted the training.  At this point of time, he quoted a SWAMY quotation on VEDA –My Love towards VEDA can only be equated to my Love towards humanity”.  He requested all the Conveners to appoint a VEDA coordinator in every Samithi, train him and see that min. 50 trainers can be made in the District.

Sri YRV Ganapathi Rao, Dist. NSJY and Sadhana Sibirams Coordinator was invited to explain his activities during the quarter.  He felt unhappy that some Samithis are not conducting Sadhana Sibirams.  He stressed the need to conduct the sadhana camps henceforth.  He said, there should not be any failures in our trials.  He explained the role of a Convener.  All the active workers must be encouraged to mostly involve in the spiritual activities.  He enlightened the participants about the importance of conducting sadhana camps, 9 point code of conduct, Seva and study circle.

At the intermission, the District President announced that a new Mobile Medical Van was blessed and granted tour District.  It will be opened on 19-12-2016 at 5 pm by the Hon’ble Central Minister Sri Ashok Gajapati Raju garu.  He took all the participants to the point of new mobile van and shown to them.  After that, a video was exhibited in which Prof. Anil Kumar delivered a speech.  He asked all the participants to watch the video in YouTube about the inaugural function of Mobile Medicl Van in Prashanti Nilayam before SWAMY.  He explained about the strategy in engaging the VAN to extend the medical services to the poor in the villages.

The District President invited Sri S Papi Naidu, Dist. Education Coordinator to speak. He explained the activities that took place in the District during the last 3 months about his wing.  He said that distribution of SAI PROTEIN FOOD packets was launch by our Dist. President on 16-10-16.  832 Balvikas students were distributed with protein food.  On 21-11-16, a BALVIKAS DAY was observed by Balvikas students by all Samithis.  On 11-12-16, a Rally on WALK FOR VALUES was conducted by 17 units in the District in which 1480 students, 72 Gurus and 320 devotees participated in the District. He informed all the participants that the Group-II Balvikas Exam will be held on 29-01-17 in which 218 Balvikas students will be appearing the examination.  He requested all the Conveners to perform TANDULARCHANA by Balvikas students on 5-1-17 in the District.  Further he wanted all the Conveners to put efforts to conduct Dist. Level Training program for Balvikas Gurus on 26-2-17 and bring all the 72 Group-III passed out Balvikas students to the dais, congratulate them and utilize their services in our organization in SEVA wing.

The District President has announced certain changes in Office bearers and induction of new members into the organization for smooth running.  On completion of 5 years in Seva wing, Sri M Satyanarayana has been redesigned to be the District Gramaseva Coordinator henceforth.  One Mr. J S Mohan Rao from Laxmipuram Samithi has been nominated to be District Sevadal Coordinator.  Presently working as Dist. Joint Sevadal Coodinator, Sri P Netaji Naidu has been given an additional charge of District Mobile Medical Services.  Mr. S Pari Naidu has been nominated to be the Zone-I Youth Coordinator.  Mr. G Atchuta Rao will be working as Zonal Youth Coordinator for Zone-V in place of Mr. B Gourisankar.

The District President Sri CD Mohana Rao unveiled the Annual Plan of the District for the year 2017 and presented to all the Conveners for its implementation.  He requested all the Conveners to follow strictly.

Sri Viswanath Kalyan, District Youth Coordinator has spoken on the occasion.  He told that about 1330 youth were identified who participated in District Youth Conference on 30th and 31st July, 2016 at Sreeramnagar.  He talked to all of them over phone, requested them to join the organization and involve in Seva activities.  He is planning to arrange a meeting and invite all of them for better pursuance and would like to take all the youth for the upcoming PARTHI YATRA in July, 2017.  He requested all the Conveners to put more efforts for Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Project in addition to opening Balvikas centres invariably in 14 schools earmarked for Vidya Project.  He wanted the Conveners to bring the Gr.III Balvikas students into service.

Dr. R Chanti Babu, Dist. SRP Coordinator announced that there will be a 2nd INDO US CRITICAL CARE MEDICINE UPDATE program and going to be held at Prashanti Nilayam on 7th and 8th January, 2017 in association with Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine, Bengaluru Branch and USA faculty.  He requested all the Conveners and Dist. Office bearers to propagate among the Doctors, motivate them to attend the program to learn more techniques.

The Review meeting was concluded with offering Divya Mangala Harathi to Bhagawan by the new District Sevadal Coordinator Sri J S Mohana Rao.

Reported by:- Ch S Rao, DAI. M-9490885577

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