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District Review Meeting with office bearers and Samithi/BMs Conveners.

With divine blessings of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, the DT Review Meeting with its office bearers, Samithi office bearers and Bhajan Mandali Conveners was held at Gajapatinagaram Samithi on  12.2.17 from 10 am to 5pm to review the activities and discuss the modalities for the impending Parti Yatra. The meeting started with Jyoti prajwalana and floral offerings to Swamy. Aim of the meeting was explained to all the participants by the District President.  He gave certain suggestions to be followed by the office bearers and Conveners. Swamy's audio was made listen to all about divine Directions and His teachings. The District President stressed upon all the Conveners and office bearers to inform him about the activities. Display name boards before the Samithis and Bhajan Mandalis invariably. He also stressed the need to encourage youth as they are our future. Parti Yatra would be likely to be organised from our Dist. on 15th and 16th July. Zonal conveners were asked to give 20 names of Sevadal from each zone. SRP patients between 2008 and 2016 should be taken to Parti Yatra. 

Sri M  Satyarao, Dist. Spiritual Coordinator, Sri P Venugopàlarao, Dist. Study circles I/C, Mr.Sunil, Regional youth I/C and Bhajans, Sri S Papinaidu, Dist. Education coordinator, Sri JS Mohan Rao, District Sevadal I/C, P Netaji Naidu, DT mobile health services I/C, Jagannadh, National Narayana Seva I/C have spoken on their concerned wings. Gajapatinagaram Samithi has distributed steel items, cooking vessels, new clothes, bedsheets to 5 families of Mallunaidupeta village whose house were burnt. Mr. Kalyan, Dt YOUTH Coordinator also spoken about motivation of youth. The DT President requested all the zonal conveners to play a vital role for the success of Parti Yatra.  Every Samithi should try to take a Min of 100 devotees to Parti Yatra. We must try to take 3000 devotees from our DT. All the participants were asked to assemble wing-wise to discuss thoroughly the activities that are to be accomplished in future. Divided in to 5 groups and discussed about Seva, Spirituality, Youth, Balvikas and all conveners with District President about Parti Yatra.

The meeting ended with offering divya mangala Haarati to Bhagawan.








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