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Easwaramma day at Hindupur, Anantapur Dist.


By the Divine Blessings of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Easwaramma Day was celebrated enthusiastically by the Samithi members at Hindupur. In the morning after Omkaram, suprabhatam and slokas recital, a rally was taken out on the main roads with Mother Easwaramma’s decorated photograph. About 100 children participated in the rally apart from adults.

In the evening, the function started at 6.30 PM with lighting of lamps by sri Panchajanyam Srinivasulu who runs a school and sri JPK Ramu, ex municipal councillor. It was followed by veda chanting by ex-bala vikas students. Sri K. Stavan spoke about Mathru sri Easwaramma garu.

In the glittering cultural programme 108 bala vikas students performed spectacularly earning applauses. Prizes were distributed by seniror members of Hindupur samithi. The programme ended by Mangala Harathi to  Swamy.

-Report by: G Dhanunjaya, Dist Archives In-Charge Anantapur.


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