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Eeshwaramma Varotstavalu - Siddipet Samithi

Eeswaramma Varotstavalu was successfully celebrated by balavikas students of siddipet samithi. The celebrations went on from April 30th till May 6th with great energy given by Baba garu. More than 50 students participted each day.
Days started with Omkaram,  Suprabhatham,  Nagarasankeerthana,  Ashtottara Shatanamavali by Balavikas students.Evening Bhajan was performed by the students.
April 30 : Chalivendram Seva is taken up by Balavikas students. Evening was colourful with various cultural activities performed by the students.
May 1: Drawing competition was conducted today. Evening Bhajan followed by cultural activities by Balavikas students. 
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IMG 20170509 WA0072IMG 20170509 WA0070
May 2: Bhajan anthakshari competition was conducted. Special bhajan was performed by Balavikas students. 
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May 3: Slokas competition was conducted today.  Evening Bhajan followed by Dramas and dance programmes was performed by students
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May 4 : Laksha Pushparchana was performed by Balavikas students, 50 students participated in this event. Likhitha nama japam competition was conducted. Evening Bhajan & cultural activities were performed well. 
IMG 20170509 WA0095IMG 20170509 WA0101IMG 20170509 WA0102
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May 5 : Students participated enthusiastically in quiz competition. Evening Bhajan followed by cultural activities. 
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May 6 :Omkaram,  Suprabhatham,   Maha Nagarasankeerthana,  Ashtottara Shatanamavali by Balavikas students. 50 students participated Mathru Pooja. Evening ended with special bhajan followed by prize distribution for all the winners in various competitions during the week. 
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More than 50 students participated in Eeshwaramma varotstavalu.
-Krishna Chekoti, Dist. President, Medak Disrict
-Online Submission by : Praveena Reddy
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