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Follow Up for Summer Camp Students-Hyderabad

Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation-Hyderabad

Follow Up Programme for Students of Summer Camp



Sairam to All,

The follow up program for the students of Summer Course, Music group and Balavikas children was held in Eswaramma Seva Sadan on 28th July. Kids were very excited about the re-union and expressed their interest to meet once a month. They felt it is HOME COMING. Their faces lit up meeting their friends, mentors and the organizers. 



 Proceedings of the program are as follows:

  • Total 127 students, 69 boys and 58 girls along with six mentors, 30 gurus and parents had attended the session.
  • Session started with Bhajan by children. 
  • Mrs jaya Pattabhiram, Child Counsellor and Balavikas guru had addressed the children on SELF - DISCIPLINE. the session was made very interactive. She stressed on what discipline is, how simple it is to follow discipline etc with a power point presentation. Time Discipline, Academic Discipline, Social Discipline and Spiritual Discipline are all part of Self Discipline.
  • Children sang the song Ham ko Man ki Sakthi Dena which they learnt in the Camp.
  • Reflections- Children, Parents and gurus also shared their impressions on the camp. Kids shared simple but important learning's that they are following at home after attending the camp like not wasting water and food, being self disciplined, getting good marks in maths, improvement in handwriting, being more self confident and fearless due to practice of meditation etc.
  • The next session on GOAL SETTING by Sri P Gopi Krishna inspired children with wonderful videos and stories. He elaborated on Why Goals, types of goals, how to set goals - to have a FRAME to set goals, what are SMART goals etc. At the end of the session, all the children are made to write their SMART goals in a paper which were placed at the DIVINE Altar. All sang the song again seeking Blessings of Swami to help us to achieve our goals. These will be posted to Swami.
  • Ms Sravani a Balavikas student from New Jersey shared her experiences and motivated the children to attend Balavikas regularly.
  • The District Balavikas In charge took a promise from the kids before Swami that they would continue to implement the Action points derived from the camp. 
  • After Harathi, the group joined for maha prasadam with all hearts filled with joy.
  • The pictures can be viewed by clicking on this
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B Neeraja, Dist Balavikas In Charge-Hyderabad


-Report by Gopi Krishna, Hyderabad Youth

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