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Gramaseva programs in Vizianagaram District

With abundance of love and divine grace of Bhagawan, most of the Samithis performed Gramaseva works in the villages on 16-4-17 and dedicated at the lotus feet as a 3rd Seva flower before undertaking PARTI YATRA from Vizianagaram District.  The services are like cleaning of roads, sanitation work, cleaning of bus shelters, serving at Hospitals, cleaning of roads of the villages and more efforts on sanitation.  They Samithis are Uddavolu, BJ Puram, Thondrangi BM, Bobbili, Salur, Paradhi, Sai Brundavan, VUDA Colony, Pradeepnagar and Kothavalasa.

Reported by: CH. Suryarao, DAI. M-9490885577

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