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Inaguration of 12th R O Plant at BJPuram (17-12-2017)

Sairam, With the profound grace and infinite blessings of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust was kind enough to provide 12 purified Water Projects with an estimated cost of about Rs.50,00,000/- to Vizianagaram district. Already 11 units out of 12 have been opened and started functioning and provide purified water at Rs.2/- per 20 litres to the needy families.  Now, the last and final R.O Plant is inaugurated on 17th December, 2017 at 0930 hours at BJ Puram Samithi of Zone-V in Vizianagaram District.  This is remote a village in which the present R O Plant becomes 4th in Zone-5 of Vizianagaram District.

At the outset, formally, the R O Plant was inaugurated by Sri CD Rama Mohana Rao, District President of Sri Sathya Sai Organization, Vizianagaram District at 9.30am.  About 150 devotees attended the function.  After inauguration of the plant, the water made available to the needy in the village.  The District President addressed the gathering and explained them about the aim of Water Plant that is sanctioned to this remote village ‘BJPURAM’.  He further said that the preaching’s and services of Bhagawan Baba are adherence and harmony to all the people, one must have kind heart towards our co-human beings and by showing sympathy and benevolent heartedness to them. This is as equal as to the DIVINITY and attains significance to our life.

Sri S Papinaidu, Dist. Education Coordinator gave a small talk on ‘Swamy Vari Leela Vaibhavalu’ and inculcated the devotees about the devotion, discipline and rules of the organization.

Sri J S Mohana Rao, Dist. Sevadal Coordinator narrated about seva activities.  Sri Sunil Kumar Ratho, Dist. Regional Youth i/c and Bhajans explained the devotees about Bhajans and spiritual activities.  Sri P Netaji Naidu, Dist. Joint Mobile Medical Health Services Coordinator has also spoken on medical camps that are being conducted in the District through our Mobile Medical Van in every month. On this occasion, the Samithi conducted Narayana seva by providing food to 600 people.  The Samithi took keen interest and spent 3.5 lacs for constructing the building for water plant with divine’s grace.  The Zone-V Convener, District i/c for COD, Youth core, Balvikas Coordinator of Zone-V, Dist. Jt. Sevadal coordinator Sri NV Ramana and the Convener of Parvatipuram Samithi have also participated in the function.

At enroute, the District President along with other office bearers went to Chinamerangi Bhajana Mandali.  After considering the facts and sincere services, he decided to upgrade the Bhajana Mandali to Samithi level in a course of time. The Bhajana Mandali has constructed a new building exclusively for Balvikas students and names as “Matrusree Eswaaramma Balvikas Building”.  The new building is inaugurated jointly by the District President and District Education Coordinator and dedicated at the lotus feet at 1pm.  On this occasion, while addressing the devotees and Balvikas students at Chinamerangi, the District President enlightened that the only spiritual preaching’s can help the children from their childhood to walk in a good life with much significance.  The Convener of Belgam Bhajan Mandali under Parvatipuram Samithi also attended the function.   

On the way, the team has also visited Bobbili Samithi and reviewed the duties and service activities of the Samithi.   The Bobbili Samithi has distributed 83 Amrut Kalasams to poor narayanas in which the District President took participation in distributing Amrut Kalasam to poor.

Again, while returning to the headquarters, on the enroute, he again went to Ramabhadrpuram Samithi at 6 pm with his team and reviewed the seva activities of the Samithi.  He observed that the Samithi doesn’t have the required 1+8 office bearers.  He advised the Convener to finalise the list of all office bearers and submit at the ensuing District Review Meeting on 24th Dec.17.  The Convener pointed out that the Bore well of the RO plant is not working properly for which the District President assured him that a Geologist will be sent for examining and repairs if any.

After completion of all the above activities and programs, the team of the District Organization returned to the headquarters at 9 pm.

Reported by:- Ch Surya Rao, Dist. Archives Coordinator: M-9490885577  

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