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Inauguration of Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Jyoti program at MPP UP School-20/09/2017- Ayyannapeta

With abundant love and divine blessings of Bhagawan Baba, Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Jyoti program was inaugurated by our District President Sri CD RAM Mohan Rao at MPP UP School, Ayyannapeta, Vizianagaram at 9am. The inaugural function started with Jyoti Prajwalana and Garlanding Swamy portrait by the District President. After a few Bhajans were sung, the program started.

Sri Kalyan Viswanadha, District Youth Coordinator anchored the entire program. The District President explained about the aim of the Vidya Jyoti program. He said that schools are adopted nation wide to provide amenities to the students with the involvement of prominent persons of the villages. There are 900 schools were adopted in the country by our SAI organization. 256 schools were adopted in A.P. out of which 14 schools are adopted by our Vizianagaram District.

He further said that it is a Seva program. We should all unite and do Seva to the students for their development. He   requested all the Village persons to cooperate in this regard. The School Headmaster SRI Gopala Krishna spoken on the occasion. He expressed his happiness for having adopted the school under Vidya Jyoti program by VUDA Samithi.

He promised to extend his fullest cooperation for the development of students. He further said that the parents are very poor and it would be a great help from the SAI organization. Sri S Papinaidu, Dist Education Coordinator narrated about the details of the program. It is a sacred program. 14 schools adopted in Vizianagaram District have been divided in to 3_groups under A, B, C. Samithis having viability are kept under A GRP. Youth and Balvikas doing combinedly are kept under B GRP. School Balvikas classes are kept under Group C.

He emphasised the need to bring awareness among the students, teach human values, to take care of students in Health and Hygiene and the infrastructure for development of schools. VUDA Samithi Convener Sri Ramana Rao explained about the activities of the Samithi and the present project of Vidya Jyoti program. He said that the Samithi distributes school bags to 122 student and 25 meals plates. He further said that the Samithi would be providing uniforms to the scout students also shortly. AGR Market committee chairman Sri S Trinath also spoken on the occasion. He congratulated the organization for having come and taken up the Seva program.

This concept is highly appreciated by him. The District Education Officer  of the Education Dept. Smt. Aruna Kumari addressed the gathering. She thanked the SSSSO, VZM for such Seva programs. If NGOs and other organizations come forward, it would be a great help for the development of schools. She stressed upon the teachers tocteach moral values to the students and she also insisted the parents to guide the children properly and correct them.

Dr. Prabhakar examined all the students medically and given medicines. He would take care of the children by conducting Medical Health camps once in 2 months. Sri K Satyam, VUDA Samithi spoken about Swamy Avatar and His services to mankind about education, Health and water. Smt. Sudha chandrika, Balvikas Guru spoken on the occasion. Mr. Sunil, Regional Youth I/C also stressed the need to correct the children to be utilised in the society. Mr. Kalyan after explaining all the details of the program, the program comes toan end. After offering divya mangala Harathi to Swamy, the program is concluded.

Reported by: CH. Suryarao, Dist Archives I/C. M-9490885577

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