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Mega Medical Camp-Medak Report

Mega Medical Camp & Public Activities-Medak

(31st Aug 2014)

With the Divine Blessings of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Medak District conducted a Mega Medical Camp and 14 Public activities at Gollapalli (V), Jagadevpur (M), Medak District on 31.8.2014. See Complete Report in PDF


The District President, Hyderabad, State Coordinators, SSSVIP, Mobile Hospitals, SRP, Disaster Management and PS have attended. 216  active sevadal members (136 Mahilas + 80 Gents) from all 11 Samithis in Medak District and  25 senior Doctors from various corners of  Medak District, in the specialties like General Medicine, Gynecology, Ophthalmology, Dental, ENT, Cardiology, Pediatrics, and Orthopedic have participated in the Divine Service.

The camp started at 10.00 a.m. on 31.8.14 with Lighting of the lamp and three times Omkaram. 1890 patients were screened for various diseases and given medicines as prescribed by the Doctors.  Abstract wise details of the patients attended the camp are given below:  













































An extensive follow up Medicare service will be rendered to the 52 patients identified in the Medical camp.  These patients had a wide variety of problems ranging from simple cataract to complicated surgical problems requiring diagnostic procedures, Medical Management and Surgical interventions. The follow up Medicare will be started from 2.9.14 onwards.

Hyderabad District has provided their SSS Mobile Van along with their supporting technicians and sevadal members for conducting various Lab tests to the patients. The following Lab tests were conducted during the camp:

RBS-82; CBP-39; CUE-17; S. Creatinine-9; ESR-11; Vidal-1; HbAIC-1; HBsAG-1; Maleria-1; Thyroid Tests-6;

HIV-1; ECG-24; Cholesterol-3; Pregnancy Test-1; Dengue-1;

41 patients  identified for cataract surgeries and 57 patients identified for spects  during the camp.  Besides above, One Cardiac patient for VSD surgery, four orthopaedic cases, three ENT cases, three general cases identified for further investigations and surgeries. They will be sent to Siddartha Hospital, Siddipeta for further treatment soon.  Cardiac case will be sent to Sunshine Heart Institute, Paradise, Secunderabad for further investigations and surgery.

 The The following Doctors have participated in the Mega Medical Camp:


D.K.Suresh Chandra, Eye  Specialist ; 2) Dr.Ramachandra  Rao, Cardiac Hyper & Hypotension

3. Dr.I.Surendra, M.S,M.C.H,(Ortho); 4) Dr.I Sukheshini, MBBS, DGO; 5) Dr.Bhaskar Rao, MS, General Surgeon, 6) Dr.Phanindra Reddy, MS, General Surgeon; 7) Dr.A.Bhaskar, MBBS,DNB, (Gastroenterology);  8) Dr.Anjaneyulu,MS (Ortho); 9) Dr.Santhoshi Rani, MDS; 10) Dr.Swamy, MDS; 11) Dr.G.Ravi Kumar, MCH; 12) Dr.Ravikanth, ENT; 13) Dr.Rajanikanth, MBBS,BDS;     14) Dr.Sudheer Reddy,MS (Optha); 15) Dr.Ganesh, MD (General Medicine);

16) Dr.Srinivas, MD (General Medicine); 17)  Dr.Saritha,MBBS; 18) Dr.Ramachandra Reddy, MBBS; 19) Dr.P.Mahesh, MS(Ortho); 20) Dr Chandra Reddy, MBBS


21) Sadgunachari, MS (General Surgery); 22) Dr.Padmajyothi, MBBS,DGO

Sanga Reddy

23) Dr.Sivaratna,BDS ; 24)  Dr.Siva Krishna, BDS and from Ramayanpet 25) Dr. Swetha, BDS.

For follow up cases, a very systematic approach as mentioned below will be followed:-

Preliminary screening of the identified patients,

Plan to transport patients from village to the follow up Hospitals;

Conducting required tests and surgeries wherever necessary;

Follow up post operative care;

Comprehensive Physical, Emotional and Spiritual care;


1. Siddardha Hospital, Siddipeta.

2. Sunshine Heart Institute, Paradise, Secunderabad.

3. Apollo Hospital, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

4. Gandhi Hospital, Secunderabad.

Public Activities

The following activities have been commenced at 11.30 a.m. before huge public and media:

Bheemaratha Shanthi for five couples who crossed 70 years from Gollapalli, B.G. Venkatapur, Jagadewapur, Chinna Arepalli and Munigadapa villages, were  felicitated with  Dhoti, Saree, Bangles, Garlands, Lakhmidevi lockets and Swamy photos.

Seemanthalu  for five pregnant women from Gollapalli, B.G. Venkatapur, Chinna Aarepalli, who completed 5 months pregnancy have been felicitated with Saree, Blouse piece, Haldi, Kumkum, Flowers, Swamy photo  and Sweets.

Baby Kits to five nursing mothers from Chinna Aarepalli, Gollapalli, B.G. Venkatapur and Munigadapa villages have been felicitated with Napkins, Rubber Blankets, Swatters, Soap, Powder Gown etc. with Swamy photos.

Meritorious students in 9th class presently studying 10th class from Timmapur, Munigadapa, Gollapalli, Chinna Aarepalli villages have been felicitated with Dictionary with Swamy photo.

Anganwadi Cooks from B.G. Venkatapur, Chinna Aarepalli, Gollapalli and Munigadapa villages have been felicitated with Sarees and Swamy photos.

Felicitation to the Promoters of Community Peace from Munigadapa and Gollapalli villages with Shawal and Swamy Photos.

Felicitation to DWRCA women from Chinna Arepalli, Gollapalli, Munigadapa, B.G. Venkatapur, and Ramnagar villages with Sarees and Swamy photos.

Honoring seven village Sanitary workers from Chinna Aarepalli, Munigadapa, Gollapalli, B.G. Venkatapuram and Ramnagar villages with new cloths and Swamy photos.

Amrutha Kalasams to 30 old people  from Chinna Aarepalli, Jagadevpur, Chinna Kisthapur, Munigadapa, Anajpur, Gollapalli villages.

Matru Pooja to five mothers from Gollapalli, Ramnagar, Chenna Aarepalli, Munigadapa villages by their sons and felicitated with new sarees and Swamy photos.

Felicitation to five Headsmasters from Gollapalli, Chenna Aarepalli, Munigadapa and B.G. Venkatapur Zilla Parishad High Schools with Shawal and Swamy photos.

Felicitation to Gopal Mitra workers from Gollapalli, Burgupalli, Munigadapa, Ramnagar and Chowdaripalli villages with new cloths and Swamy photos.

Honouring Ideal Farmers from B.G. Venkatapur, Gollapalli, Chinna Aarepalli, Munigadapa and Ramnagar villages with new cloths and Swamy photos.

Honouring Press Reports of Sakshi, Namasthe Telangana, Andhra Bhoomi, Mee TV with Shawel and Swamy Photos.

Honouring 24 Doctors with Shawal and Swamy Photos for attending  the Mega Medical Camp and rendered service with Love.

Press Meet

Press meet has been held with the news agents of various papers and TV channels and State Coordinators and District President have explained the concept of mobile medical camps and their scope. Wide coverage was given by many of the news papers and praised the services of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation. Sri D Vishnu Vardhan Rao, Sri G Bhaskar Rao, Sri Saibaba and Dr Krishna Kumar have given statements and spoken to the media persons.

Activity Report dated 30.8.2014:

The following activities on previous day of Mega Medical camp were started from 10.30 am onwards.

Balavikas class was organized for school children  in Gollapalli village;

Trained 36 pupils in “Role Plays”;

Sixteen school girls were trained in “Kolatam” with Bhajan songs;

"Pallaki Seva ”  started  at 6.30 pm with a rally,  kolatam  playing girls with bhajan singing,  women playing “Bathukamma”, display of placards with Swamy’s “quotations”, candle light bearing group and flag waving children.  A good number of  villagers  more than 600 in number and 27 Mahila sevadal and 15 gent sevadal have participated in the Pallaki seva. Evening gave a festive look and joyous  mood in the  village.

From 8 pm to 9.30 pm trained school children presented their talent in “Role Plays” with make-up and suitable dressings;

Balavikas children of Siddipeta enacted the very popular drama” Amma”;

Video films on “Childhood” and Shridi Sai Parthy Sai Divya Katha” were screened;

Prizes were distributed to the winning contestants (school children-8th 9th,10th classes) in “Writing of Sai Nama”, Drawing competition, essay writing  on “Amma”(Mother), Elocution competitions on “Nature & Lessons to be learnt, Kabaddi and Hockey competitions for rural youth in the village.(These competitions were held on 28-8-14)

The day programme concluded with “ Mangala Harathi”. The entire program has been planned and organised by Smt Shantha Kumari, State Joint Coordinator, Mahila Vibhag and she was assisted by Samithi and District office bearers. 

The whole village and a few from adjacent habitations gathered in full and felt happy with divine bliss  with festive ambience.

We are very thankful to our Beloved Swamy for giving this wonderful opportunity to do service through Medicare and public activities and on behalf of all members in the District, the services are placed at HIS LOTUS FEET OF BHAGAWAN SRI SATHYA SAI BABA.

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-Report by Sri S Saibaba District President Medak and Sri G Bhaskar Rao, State Joint Coordinator (Medical Services), Andhra Pradesh & Telangana



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