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New Bhajan Mandal in Pearl village at Gachibowli samithi

New Bhajan Mandal in Pearl village at Gachibowli  samithi Ramga Reddy District.

With Blessings of our Beloved Bhagawan a new Bhajan Mandal in Pearl village , masjid banda was inaugurated by Sr. SG.Chalam State President of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, AP & TS, on 29th March,2015., at 8:30am.  Programme was commenced as mentioned below.

1. Hoisting of Sarvadharma Flag was done by SP followed by a procession with Purnakumbhamam and vedam chanting into the function hall

2 Lightning of Jyothi was done by the SP and other distinguished guests attended viz., DP Rangareddy Sri P. Ramkuchel garu, Former DP of RR Sri M.Sathyanarayana, State Coordinator Sri.D.Vishnuvardhan Rao, State Review committee member Sri Hariharan, EDP Rangareddy Sri Dr. B.C. Ramanna .

3 about 100 members of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samith, Gachibowli attended and performed bhajan

4 The DP of RR dist nominated Sri. B. Venkat Rao as Bhajan Mandal Convener

5 State President and other guests addressed the gathering.

6 Harathi was offered by Sri, B.Venkat rao the newly nominated Bhajan Mandal convener

7 Programme concluded with vote of thanks and Prasadam distribution

A Report by DAI M.Somasundaram 9391385738 RR District.


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