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Sairam to All,
As I have discussed with you in the earlier mail, we are planning to take the Telugu stream totally LIVE on 15th of July 2012 (1st Anniversary of RADIOSAI TELUGU PROGRAMMES). As a preliminary effort, i request you to create awareness among devotees and especially those associated with Telugu stream to start listening to the LIVE programmes being done on every Thursday from our studio at Prashanthinilayam. By listening to these programmes, the Telugu team can get a feel of the way we conduct LIVE shows which will help us in carrying out the LIVE on 15th July effectively and a creative manner.

Every Thursday listeners can tune to radio Sai global harmony url and tune into the Asia stream to listen to these live shows starting at 9:45 am to 9:45 pm and listen to these. There is lot of impressive and positive feedback regarding these LIVE programmes from various parts of world. The second way to listen would be by dialling 55251 and choosing option 1 that is the LIVE stream.

The third way is through various apps available on advanced phones, like android based phones have a free app available in android free market; apple phones also have this facility. Tomorrow being another Thursday LIVE, i thought we will initiate this process of creating awareness among all the devotees. Please pass on this information to as many as possible. Listen and enjoy the programmes and we always invite feedback that helps us to grow each day. Our next LIVE Thursday happens to be tomorrow (21st June) starting at 9:45 am Please log on and be in touch with the abode of highest peace...

Love &Regards
Sai Krishna
Radio Sai


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