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Review on Sri Sathya Sai Mineral Water Projects in Vizianagaram Dist. (20-03-2016)

With profound grace and loving blessings of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust has sanctioned 12 Mineral water projects under NTR Sujala Sravanti to Vizianagaram District to the following villages.

        1.    BANADHI.           2. DUVVAM                                        3. JARAJAPUPETA

   4.    NELLIMARLA        5. GAJAPATINAGARAM                          6. MARUPALLI

   7.    VANTARAM         8. RAMBADRAPURAM                            9. RAVIVALASA

 10.  UDDAVOLU          11. PEDABONDAPALLI                           12. PALNAGAR, VUDA SAMITHI

Out 12 projects, 11 plants are already started functioning and catering to the needs of public.  Only one plant under VUDA Samithi is yet to be opened.

A meeting consisting of concerned Conveners and Plant operators were called for and met in the office of the District Organization on 20th March 2016 by the Dist. President to review the functioning of the projects.  The District President Sri CD Rama Mohana  Rao, while addressing the plant in-charges, wanted to know the problems that are being faced during the operations and the financial aspect.  He talked about the periodical maintenance of the plants.

The District Water plants i/c Sri U Venkatesh has given a complete picture of the maintenance of the projects.  He said, if there is any deviation or mistake, it will cost us lakhs of rupees for maintaining the projects.  There is a UV bulb which glows and it kills the bacteria.  If the bulb glows, the plant works.  There is a specific clause that the maintenance of plants will be freely available for one year.  He told that the filters are to be properly cleaned periodically and also 2 cartridges 10 micron and 5 micron are to be changed within time span and the anti-scalant chemical oil must be used and 1 lit. Oil will be sufficient for 6 months.  He advised all to buy 2 lit anti-scalant oil and be kept under reserve.  Try to maintain at low cost and serve more. He also advised them to keep some consumables required for maintenance.  He wanted all the operators to maintain the records properly and each rupee should be accounted for.  Water purification is most important. 

All the 11 Plant operators/some conveners have expressed their doubts, problems linked with purification, smell of water, taste of water, usage of waste water, recharging of ATW cards, non-showing the balances available in the cards, electricity, whether to supply bulk at the time of functions in the villages etc.  All the problems raised by them were sorted-out by the District President.  He said, it is SWAMY SEVA, we should not go back.  If necessary, take help from the neighboring plants.  The leakage if any must be m-sealed. He advised to buy immediately the required Antiscalant oil and order now combinedly in collaboration with our Dist. Water Plants i/c Sri Venkatesh.  He desired all the concerned to open SB a/c in Banks and operate jointly.  It is a new seva and we must take care and interest, he finally said. 

It was decided in the meeting that after 6 months, all will meet again to resolve such problems if any in future.  The meeting was concluded with expressing thanks to Bhagawan.

Reported by:- Ch Surya Rao, Dist. Archives Coordinator. M-9490885577


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