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Roddam Samithi 200th Satsang at Parthi by Pada Yatra

200th Satsang and 3rd Pada Yatra to Parthi by Roddam samithi

Roddam Samithi has been conducting Satsangs for every full moon day (pournami) in one of its bhajan Mandalis since 1997. Sometimes these Satsangs are also taking place in villages where there is no Bhajana Mandali. 

Usually the Program schedule will be as follows:

Satsang will be conducted in the evening after some service activity. Veda chanting by Nalluru Balavikas students,Grama Sankeerthan followed by Satsang for 1 to 1 1/2 hour by any eminent speaker will happen as a part of this Satsang. After Harathi, prasadam will be distributed and all the devotees will disperse.Every month nearly 250 members from all the 16 bahajan Manadalis will participate in this Satsang.

With Bhagawan's Divine Blessings, we have completed 199 Satsangs by last month and planned to organise the 200th Satsang at the Divine lotus feet (Prashnathi Nilayam) on 12th of March, 2017. For this all the devotees from 16 Bhajana Mandalis including Balavikas alumni (nearly 240 members) reached Parthi by Pada Yatra that started on 11th morning 5:30 AM. The 2 days programme is as follows:


We started our Pada Yatra with Omkaram, Suprabhatham and Ashtotharam at 5:30AM on 11th march after the waving of flag by founder of our Samithi Sri K.R. Lakshmana Rao.

On the way, we distributed Swami’s photoes, Vibhuthi prasadam and chocolates to all the people.

books and photoes distribution

In addition, we have taken up the service of distributing books, slates, slate pencils, pens, swami’s photos and vibhuthi packets with a chocolate to all the schoolchildren in the villages, which we are passing by. We have also given a big Swami’s Photo to all the schools.

On the first day coffee and bread was served by Patarlapalli bhajana mandala and tiffin by Thurakalapatnam bhajana mandali. Lunch was served by Penukonda samithi at Satya Sai Mandir.

Meanwhile, other devotees throughout our journey served chilled buttermilk and water.

To night, halted at Rampuram BED college as we did in last 2 pada yatras. The management graciuoly provided dinner and accommodation.

Next day morning at 5:15 AM with Omkaram and suprabhatam resumed our yatra. Coffee and bread was served by Rampuram Bhajana Mandali and break fast was served by Appallollapalli Bhajana Mandali. We have distributed the books and stationary to these 2 villages children and continued our journey.

WhatsApp Image 2017 03 22 at 14.25.43

Reached Satya Sai Darbar temple by 11:30 AM through SSPN where the station staff has offered us chilled buttermilk. In the temple performed Bhajan for 1 hour, had lunch and immediately started walking.

SSPN and Darbar temple

Finally, at 3:45PM reached Puttaparthi completing the 65 kms walk in two days. All of us went to darshan by 5PM and at 7:30PM our long waited 200th Satsang started in A6 shed of Sai Bhaktha Nivas.

Sri C.R.Rao garu zonal co ordinator & COD incharge of ATP district has presided over the meeting. Convenor of our Samithi Sri R.A. Ravi Sekhar Reddy and spiritual coordinator Sri T.Obulesu adorned the dais.

adrressing by Vijaya Bhaskaran garu

Sri P.Vijaya Bhaskar, member of Sri Satya Sai central trust graced the event. He spoke for nearly half an hour after which Sri Ravi chand garu an ardent devotee of Bhagawan spoke to us. He came as speaker for many of our satsangs. We concluded our Satsang by felicitating all the speakers who have come to our Satsangs from 1997. Finally our Samithi members have taken the opportunity of felicitating our samithi fouder K.R.Lakshmana Rao and trustee Sri P.Vijaya Bhaskar.

speakers felicitation

Felicitation of samithi founder and trustee

After giving Harathi to Swami all the devotees had prasadam and dispersed.

We offer our gratitude to Swami from the bottom of our heart who has given the strength and will power to complete this Yatra. HE has been the driving force for all of us at tough times and made this programme a grand success.

Reported by Sri C.R.Rao (Mob: 9989497115), Roddam Samithi.

Online submission by Sai Prashanthi (Mob: 8939637749), Nalluru Bhajana Mandali, ATP dt. 

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