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Sadhana sibiram at Barli.

With Divine Grace and blessings of Bhagawan Baba, Sri Sathya Sai Bhajan Mandali, Barli in Zone-4 has conducted Sadhana sibiram on 26-3-17 as per the directions of the District organization before PARTI YATRA. The devotees of surrounding Samithis and Bhajan Mandalis from 23 units have participated in the sadhana camp. The Zone-4 Convener Sri G.Satyanarayana has taken keen interest and organized the program.  District Spiritual Coordinator Sri M Satyarao enlightened the participants about Swamy Vari Leela Vaibhava Viseshalu and practically shown the procedure of doing Jyotirdhyanam and explained them about its significance. The devotees got so much 'ANUBHUTHI'. The District Sevadal Coordinator Sri J S Mohana Rao explained the devotees about the importance of Seva and sadhana with some examples and Swamy Vari quotes. Mr. Rajasekhar, Youth Coordinator of Zone-4 has spoken on the occasion about the importance of Human Values. Another speaker Sri Ramana Murty, a Telugu Teacher has inculcated the participants about Omkaram and it's predominance.  The Sadhana camp was conducted from 10am to 4pm after which a Pallaki Seva was organized in the streets of Barli village with all the participants and brought awareness among the villagers about Bhagawan Baba.

Reported by: CH Surya Rao, District Archives Coordinator. M-9490885577PhotoGrid 1490533380415


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