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Sai Gayathri Yagnam

Sai Gayathri Yagnam has been performed at Rajanna Gudem village and 15 pairs participated and prior to this Pallaki Seva was done and nearly 75 people took part. Swami blessed the activity in the form of rain

With the Divine Blessings of our beloved Swami, SAI GAYATHRI YAGNAM was conducted at Sri Sathya Sai Bhajan Mandali, Rajannagudem (Neelaigudem Samithi) of Nalgonda Dist on 01st July, 2012 under the guidance of Our Dist. Spiritual Co-ordinator Bramhananda Reddy.

Nalgonda Dist. President Mr. Krishna Rao Garu and all the Dist. office bearers and Samithi Conveners also attended the Programme. The programme went on very well with HIS Divine Blessings. Nearly 15 pairs participated in Yagnam.

Prior to Yagnam, Pallaki Seva (Maha Nagara Sankeerthana with Swami Pallaki) has been done in the village. Approximately 75 (male and female) devotees and villagers are participated in that.

A miracle is that, there is no rain from the last 15 days, where, after the completion of "Yagnam", rainfalls continuously for nearly 20 min.

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