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Sri Sathya Sai Brahmotsavams @ Sreeramnagar.

With Divine Grace of Bhagawan Baba, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samithi, Sreeramnagar in Vizianagaram District has continuously performing Sri Sathya Sai Brahmotsavams every year for the last 32 years and Praying Baba for the welfare of society and industrial workmen at FACOR.  Now, this year also, the Samithi has organized and performed 33rd SRI SATHYA SAI BRAHMOTSAVAMS for 8 days from Ugadi to Sri Rama Navami (  ie. From 29-3-17 to 5-4-17) with much devotion in a solemn and splended ceremony. The Samithi did Omkaram, suprabhatam, Nagar Sankeertan and special abhishekam daily for all the 8 days. Kvalasa sthapana was done on the first day with special puja. A gigantic procession took place in the streets with Swamy portrait. On this occasion, 70 people were served with Swamy Prasadam and distributed 70 Amrut Kalasams to poor narayans.

On 2nd day, Swamy was prayed with Vibhuthi Abhishekam. In the evening after Bhajan, a discourse on Veda reciting and it's importance by Mr.Durga Prasad, Dist. Vedam I/C

On 3rd day, abhishekam was performed to Swamy with aroma and fragrant water. In the evening, a special discourse on 'Vedic culture and it's importance in daily life by Sri Durga Prasad.

On 1.4.17, the Samithi performed Panchamrutabhisekham to Swamy. In the evening, Swamy discourse on Rudram was made listen to devotees through a CD.

On 2-4-17, Ksheerabhisekam was done to BABA varu. A special Narayana Seva was also conducted on the occasion. Balvikas children presented a cultural program and a book 'Sri Sathya Sai Mandiram' by M Bapiraju was released.

On 3-4-17, Swamy was sprinkled and made Archana with coconut water. In the evening, Koduru Bhajan Mandali presented Bhajan program after which a discourse on 'Vedam and it's State in India and other countries by Spiritual Coordinator.

On 4-4-17, Madu abhishekam with honey was performed to Swamy. Prizes were distributed to the Balvikas students for their presentations by Mr. M Satyarao.

The last day of puja that is on 5-4-17, special abhishekam with fruits juices were performed to Swamy. Udwasana of Kalasam was done and with this, the 8-day long blissful event came to an end.

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