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Sri Sowbhagya Lakshmi Vratam - Kacheguda Samithi

Sri Sowbhagya Lakshmi Vratam at Shyamala Enclave, Barkatpura on 01-09-2013 - Kacheguda Samithi, Hyderabad

This unique spiritual event was conducted to extend ourselves to all our near and dear and with focus on non devotees.

165 ladies had participated in this Sri Sowbhagya Lakshmi Vratam held at Shyamala Enclave, Barkatpura on Sept 01, 2013. The program started at 09.30 am and concluded with Harathi to Bhagwan at 13.00hrs.

Traditional standards, personally inviting the participants door to door in all areas of the samithi by mahila vibagh, were followed. The stage decoration, welcoming of the participants, Bhajans, Maha prasadam etc were meticulously planned. Entire schedule was adhered to with clock work precision.

All participants were delighted at the efficiency and hoped to participate in the future events of our organisation.

SowbhagyaLakshmiVratham Kchgd 2013

Report by:

D. Rajender, Convener, Kacheguda Samithi, Hyderabad


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