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State President's visit to Anajipur Cluster on 24 Aug 2014

With the Divine grace of Swami, the mobile medical camp at Anajipur Camp hosted a special guest on this day.

Sri S.G. Chalam garu, State President, Telangana & Andhra Pradesh visited the medical camp and also launched a few activities involving Dairy Farmers and Balvikas children. The Dairy farmers were gifted a special nutritive supplement for milk yielding cattle.

The Bal vikas children were shown a movie on how to build clay models of their favourite deity Lord Ganesh. CDs of the movie were also released on the occasion by the dignitaries.

The State President alongwith other dignitaries distributed prizes to children who could immediately recreate what they learnt from the clay modeling movie.

The State President accompanied by the State Coordinators for Medical Services, SSSVIP, Mahila Activities, the District President- Hyderabad went around the camp observing and interacting with doctors and patients.

Finally, the harathi to our Beloved Bhagavan was offered by the State President. A scrumptious meal was served by the lady sevadal belonging to the village to the visiting dignitaries.

Jai Sairam.

Report by Ravi Kalur, DAI, Hyderabad 9949996671 

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