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Teacher’s Day Celebrations - BHEL Samithi

Aum Sri Sairam

Teacher's Day Teacher’s Day - Teacher's day is not just a day for fun and change of roles. It is also a day to remember how much of hard work and time goes in, before a teacher walks into the classroom and teaches you that chapter. It is a day for showing gratitude towards the person who has patiently heard you out when you asked the same question a hundred times. It is also a day to thank the person who guided you in matters more than academic. 

Now that's what an awesome teacher does; I guess. They teach us, guide us, love us, scold us, cry when we pass out and then never forget us. The Indian scriptures also speak about the four entities that make us what we are. Mata, Pita, Guru and Devam (Mother, Father, Teacher and God). A stature of a teacher comes before God Himself. Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the first Vice-President and the second President of India (for his passion for education) insisted on celebrating his birthday as the Indian Teacher's day and thus arrived September 5th. The first teacher's day being in 1962, we have come a long way celebrating and being grateful to all those people who have taught us not just academics but values and ways of life as well.

With DIVINE BLESSINGS of our BELOVED BHAGAWAN SRI SATHYA SAI BABA, Teachers Day celebrations were celebrated by the devotees of BHEL Samithi On 5th September 2014, eight best teachers of different school from in and around B.H.E.L were felicitated at Sri Satya Sai Seva Samithi B.H.E.L.The program started at 7pm with welcome to the teachers into temple by recitation of vedam and with the poornakumbam.Every teacher was called upon to the dais and was presented a bouquet. After a brief introduction about the samithi activities the teachers were felicitated by a shawl, memento, garland and a sweatbox by senior sevadal members. The teachers who had come with their staff and family were very happy being felicitated by such a renowned international organisation and few quoted that they could feel the divine vibrations. Their families were very happy for such an honour given by the Sri Satya Sai Seva Organisation.

The balvikas students recited few slokas suitable for the occasion. Our District President Sri.P.Ram Kuchel Garu addressed the gathering and mentioned about the role of teachers in society. Ms.S.Susheela Garu District Balvikas Co-ordinator also addressed the gathering.The program came to an end at 9pm by giving harathi to swami. After which prasadam was distributed to all. We thank swami for the wonderful opportunity.
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