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Ugadhi in Jadcherla

Jaya nama savathrsa Ugadi is celebrated at JADCHARLA Samithi. Jadcharla devotees have done great service on the first day of the first month of Telugu New Year i.e Chaitra Masam. This day is celebrated as new year also known as “Ugadi” day. The day Programme started with Nagarasankeerthna at 5.30AM. After Nagarasankirthana, devotees distributed “Bhakshalu, Bread, Biscuits and Fruits” in Vettam old men and women ashramam & Gangapur old men and women ashramam and Anuragini children orphan home in jadcharla.

over all 97 old men and women people 27 children were benefited from this programme. Old people and orphan children felt very happy on this occasion. In the evening special Bhajan was conducted at 6.00 pm. The programme ended by Mangal Harathi and distribution of special prasadam namely Ugadi Pachhadi.

Whole programme was conducted by convener Sri Chidambaram, Sri Ramakanth Dist Spiritual Co-ordinator, Ex-Convener Narsimlu and Mandir Youth.

Report by N.NAGARAJU Dist Archives in charge, Mahabubnagar.distCELL:8500497648








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