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Veterinary Camp - Jeedimetla Samithi @ Dundigal Thanda & Nagaluru Village.

By the grace of our beloved Lord Bhagawan Sri Sri Sri Sathya Sai Baba our Ranga Reddy District is privileged to have two senior dedicated doctors devotees rendering self-less service as and when required in the field of animal husbandry. Sri. Dr. P.V. Punnaiah (9441221222)  & Sri. Dr. B.C. Ramanna (9948045189) the following activities related to veterinary camps were carried out by Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samithi Jeedimetla at two places 1) Dundigal Thanda 2) Nagaluru Village. The reason for selecting these two venues are that they are located approximately 5-6 kms away from Dundigal Village where Government Veterinary Hospital is located and not easy to bring animals for treatment. We have heard that few sheeps/goats were dying due to different diseases and Thanks to our doctors who have nailed the diseases through Microscope test at the venue and provided appropriate medicines to treat. Two teams were formed under their leadership and camps conducted at two locations with great support of Government doctors and staff members. More than couple of hundreds of animals got benefited with this activity (Sheep, Cows, Buffaloes etc). Consequent to these camps, a detailed report of diseases of animals are being analysed and the samithi is planning to conduct a workshop with team of doctors and agricultural experts to help the villagers in managing and reducing the frequency of diseases to animals. We are also planning to help Nagaluru village with a trevial so that we can conduct similar camps without high effort of holding Cows and buffalos with thick ropes. Dedicating this service at the lotus feet of our Beloved Bhagavan we all sincerely pray Bhagavan to provide us many more such seva opportunities, give us strength & courage to participate in all the service activities & do our best and finally make us all worthy instruments in his divine mission.

A Report by M.Somasundram DAI RR District 9391385738

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