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Veterinary Camps_Rangareddy dist.

With the Divine Grace of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba a Veterinary Camp was conducted on 5-12-2017 at Jaithwaram village(kandukur mandal), under the able guidance of Dr.Punnaiah and Dr.Ramanna(SSSO RR.dist advisor). Along with the doctors Dr.Alekhya, Dr.Ashraf and 6 paramedical staff, 6 sevadal members from saroornagar and 9 sevadal members from vanasthalipuram have participated in the camp. A total of 195 animals were treated at this camp. This livestock includes 69 cows 38 buffaloes 70 sheep and 18 goat. Protein food packets which enhance the yield of cow and buffalo milk, were distributed to the villagers having livestock. Sri R.L.Narsimha murthy(senior agricultural scientist) gave his valuable suggestions and solutions to the problems faced by the farmers.



On 12-12-17 another Veterinary Camp was conducted at Annojiguda (Kandukur mandal) . This camp was conducted by Vanasthalipuram samithi where treatment was done to 123 cows and 19 buffaloes. Dr.punnaiah garu, Dr.Alekhya garu rendered thier service at this camp along with hospital staff and sevadal members of Vanasthalipuram samithi.

On the same day there was one more Veterinary Camp at Debbadaguda village in Kandukur mandal. Deworming, deticking treatment was given to a number of 207 cows, 24 buffaloes and 45 sheep. During this camp, 10 kg of mineral mixture and 50 kg of fodder seed was distributed to the farmers in the village.Dr.Punnaiah garu along with government veterinary hospital staff and sevadal members from Vanasthalipuram and Saroornagar samithi served at this camp.

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