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YOUTH DAY (16-4-17)

It was main motto of the District organization to bring the youth in to Swamy's fold and  involve them into service activities. A call was given by the District Youth Coordinator Mr. Kalyan Viswanadha to undertake certain Seva works on 3rd Sunday of every month and requested all the Conveners to observe 3rd Sunday as YOUTH DAY and get the youth involved in to Seva activities of the Samithis.  Accordingly, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samithi, BC Colony, Kothavalasa, Nellimarla, Jarajapupeta, Sreeramnagar, Duvvam, Chipurupalle, Paradhi, Piridi, Parvatipuram, Ravivalasa, Uddavolu and BJ Puram have put efforts and organized Youth Day along with youth and rendered different services.  They are serving buttermilk, Medical Health Check ups,Hospital services, Narayana Seva to poor, Mandir cleaning, Store Rooms cleaning, cleaning surroundings of Mandir and serving at Chalivendrams etc.  By this way, the Youth are gradually being inducted in to the organization with Seva motto.

Reported by: Ch.Suryarao, DAI. M-9490885577

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